Services in the field of it systems

  • Services for HR – implementing “Salary and HR management” system in companies with a staff of 300 people. Complex transfer from “Salary and HR management” system 2.5 to “Salary and HR management” system 3.1.
  • Different types of integration between information systems and mobile applications.

  • 1C - Automation of Procurement and Supplier Relationship Management, Production management in the enterprise, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resource Management (HRM), Sales Management, WMS Warehouse Management and Warehouse Logistics, Accounting and Tax Accounting in the Enterprise, Budgeting, Financial Planning, Cash Management (Treasury), Financial Accounting, Data Consolidation, Information Technology Management ITIL (ITSM).

  • IT-audit of information systems of ERP class and business processes of the enterprise. Formation of a map of the company's information field - IT security, information flows, access, etc. Identification of security risks for Information Systems (SQL injection, 1C exploits, data interceptors in the integration channels between 1C and client banks, etc.) Expert evaluation, IT disputes.

  • Automation of small, medium and large business - from a small firm to a large holding (automation of contract execution, own accounting, management systems, etc.). Formation of a correct accounting procedure, adjustment of operational and management accounting.

  • Integration of accounting systems on 1C with SAP and Oracle. Development of information systems for business on the modern platform of the 1C family. Finalization of typical and non-typical configurations, various types of integration.

  • Technical support of users: the organization of the 3-level Helpdesk + SLA system in accordance with ITIL standards. 1C: Accounting, Trade Management and others. Development of project documentation for PMBoK standards.

  • Cloud infrastructure - organization of the server infrastructure of the enterprise, ready servers with a customized software package. Services 1C in the cloud.