Mobile applications and integrations

We have a specialization in the development of complex projects in the financial, insurance and medical fields.

We have many years of experience on the market, competences and provide services not only for development under iOS and Andoid, but also integrated implementations, integration with various accounting systems, ERP, CRM.

Prototyping based on business requirements, design (UI and UX) of the product, using Sketch, Photoshop. Development, use of Ruby, Python and PHP language stacks, for some projects - Go, Java, JS, etc.

Specialists of the level Team Lead, Middle+, Senior Developer.

Compliance with the level of information security - checking OWASP (protected storage of critical user data, correct use of LocalStorage and server storage), authentication and authorization, using secured protocols for interaction of system components (https instead of http, etc.), code quality (preventing xss, csrf, injections, etc.), as well as known components, libraries with known vulnerabilities.