The market of medical services in Russia is now in the stage of quality and structural transformation – the role of free medicine in serving businesses is gradually declining, while paid medical services are on the upward trend and the number of medical institutions is increasing throughout the territory of the Russian Federation.

Having a verified and reliable VMI policy, which is optimized to the needs of your company, can be the real guarantee of your key employees’ safety. It will provide a long-term business stability to your company and ensure loyalty of your employees.

In modern Russia, there are about several tens of thousands of different medical institutions with no common grades, ratings and quality grades. We can also observe a constant work migration among these medical institutions. The same situation is defined in the sphere of insurance: some insurance companies are trying to monopolize the world, while others can not withstand the competition.

Creation of a good voluntary medical insurance program can be delivered only to the team of professionals, who specialize in this sphere and deal with these issues every day. Voluntary Medical Insurance is one of the key specializations of our company, that is why you have come to the right place.

ACCIDENT INSURANCE is a significant addition to the compulsory social insurance against accidents and occupational diseases at work, among which we consider:

  • Trauma, poisoning;
  • The establishment of disability of all groups;
  • Death.

VMI services are a good supplement to the social package of employees. We provide a flexible approach to the Insured. We also differentiate tariffs for occupational risk groups.

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