Accidents and industrial accidents, unintentional pollution of the environment damage the reputation of the company.  Is it important for you? Are your partners’ and the officials’ thoughts and words about your company important for you? Do you want to get out of difficult and conflict situations with dignity?

Eliminating the environmental damages, granting an allowance to the injured worker or helping their family both morally and financially means making the reputation of your company great again!

The cases of insurance:

  • Cause of damage to property of third parties;
  • Harm to health and / or life of third parties;
  • Cause of damage to the environment.

The most actual types of insurance for large enterprises are:

  • Liability insurance for the operation of hazardous production facilities;
  • General Liability Insurance;
  • Responsibility of directors and other heads of executive bodies.

Liability insurance of directors and other senior managers (D&O)

Liability insurance for managers and officials is designed for compensation of costs, which are to be paid by the Insurant for the illegal actions of directors and other senior managers in case of any ligitations.

Possible bases for claims to senior managers:

  • Omission, breach of duty due to negligence, violation of simple conditions on powers, including in transactions in respect of which there is an interest;
  • Lack of due diligence in making decisions;
  • Imprudent investments, imprudent public utterance;
  • Disclosure of confidential information, etc.

Limit of liability

These days the limit of liability is usually from $10m to $25m in each insurance case for large Russian enterprises.

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