SIGMA Consulting Insurance Agency

The team of professionals with 20 years of working experience in the sphere of corporate insurance on the national and international markets and IT created consulting insurance agency SIGMA in 2014

We have a unique market positioning – on the system level we work with both large corporate clients (traditional types of services in insurance and IT including such types as cyber risk insurance) and, as a technology company, the retail market and innovative solutions across insurance, IT and medicine, including both complex programs and box solutions for the bank. General information is on the website. And for the majority of services we have separate detailed presentations that we provide on request.

The obligatory fulfilling of the promises we have made, high-quality service and claims settlement, product compliance with the best international standards are the principles we have built our company on.

“SIGMA” specializes on technological insurance and IT solutions , innovative product development and the provision of services to large corporate clients and industrial enterprises, who work in such spheres and industries as power industry, oil refining and petrochemical industry, chemical industry and mineral fertilizers industry, metallurgy and mining industry, banks, large business centers, logistics, trade complexes and trade networks, as well as other enterprises, including organizations operating under 223-FL and 44-FL.

Russian financial and IT market is a very dynamic structure, where a constant flow of appearing and disappearing market players co-exists and interacts with the changing methods of insurance. That is why, it is very difficult even to the large industrial enterprises with their own professional risk managers to live and orientate in such a specific sphere as the insurance, which has several hundred years of history of its development.

Our goal is to create the most efficient insurance protection strategy, which estimates all the specific risks to your company and guarantees the payment of insurance indemnity in the case of serious losses. What is more, our objective is to do our work properly and in the most cost- effective way not to create inflated insurance budgets.

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